Biomaterials are materials that are primarily used in medicine to repair or replace damaged tissue. They have a significant impact on tissue cell growth and proliferation. The development of these biocompatible biomaterials as implants and augments has reshaped medical treatment, allowing advancement in the fields of tissue engineering and medical bionic devices. Biosensors are analytical devices capable of converting biological responses into electrical signals. Biomaterials have many medical applications, such as cancer treatments, artificial ligaments and collagen tissue, joint replacements, bone plates, and contact lens applications, as well as some non-medical applications, such as blood protein assays, cell culture growth, and so on. 

Potential topics include, but are not limited to 

  •        Photopolymerizable hydrogels in regenerative medicine and drug delivery 
  •        polymeric implants 
  •        Bionanomaterials 
  •        Bioactive glasses 
  •        Biomaterials in spine surgery 
  •        Biomedical materials for cardiovascular stents 
  •        PEGylated ceramic nanophosphors 
  •        Phosphate-based glass fibers for biomedical applications 
  •        Biomaterials for Brain Therapy and Repair 
  •        Medical implants 
  •        Molecular probes and nanoparticles 
  •        Biosensors 
  •        Drug-delivery systems